Fox Crossing Horse Show Results

two riders

Walker’s Upper School and Middle School teams both placed second in the Fox Crossing Interscholastic Equestrian Association (IEA) Horse Show held December 9 in Morris, CT.

Individual results are as follows: Julia Luciani ’20 placed first in Open Fences; Becky Morris ’19 placed second in Open Fences and third in Open Flat; Lily Ridgley ’22 placed first in Intermediate Flat; Hannah Theriault ’20 placed second in Intermediate Fences; Amy Xia ’21 placed first in Novice Fences; Chloe Fares ’24 placed first in Future’s Beginner Flat; Kate Samson ’23 placed fourth in Future’s Beginner Flat; Quinn Van Cara ’23 placed second in Future’s Novice Fences and third in Future’s Novice Flat.