NICU Comfort: Junior Gives Back Through Girl Scout Award

April 10, 2020

Katherine “Kate” Weiss ’21 was born in September of 2003 at Connecticut Children’s Medical Center (CCMC) weighing in at a mere 1 lb., 6 ounces. Kate was born prematurely at 26 weeks gestation. When asked about why she chose the project she did for her Girl Scout Gold Award, Kate said, “I was born at 26 weeks and spent almost all the time until full term in the NICU. I did this project to give back to the nurses, doctors and other staff that took care of me during my two and a half months in the NICU.”

Preterm babies often tug at the tubes and wires they are hooked to during their time in the NICU because they are searching for their umbilical cord which brings them comfort. Kate crocheted small octopus that are placed near the babies in their beds after the octopus is properly sterilized. “The tentacles on each octopus are thick enough to simulate an umbilical cord,” says Kate, “bringing the babies much needed comfort.”

Kate donated 80 octopuses to CCMC that she and other volunteers made for the babies. Throughout her life, Kate has met many nurses who have helped in her care. But, she says, this time when she visited CCMC it was different. “This most recent time….was the one that really humbled me as to how lucky I am to be here today.”

We are so glad you are here, too.