Photo Album: Dogswood Day 2019

students dress in sun and dial colors

On a sunny Tuesday, the Walker’s community enjoyed a great Dogswood Day, a treasured School tradition. After a strawberries and cream breakfast, the day began with the Big 7 maypole dance. Spirited Suns vs. Dials field games followed, and the day concluded with the traditional tug-of-war. For the second year in a row, the Dials out pulled the Suns and will enjoy seeing their spirit flag fly high atop the flagpole. A special thanks to the EWSPA for their contribution to this event!

Congratulations to our new Upper School Suns and Dials co-heads, Nafarrah Ramsay ’21 for Suns and Lizzy Strapp ’21 for Dials. Hooray Sunray!