Sixth Grade Ecology Students Extract Honey from Walker’s Apiary

Sixth grades observing honey extraction in science class

September 20, 2019

On Tuesday, September 17, students in Mrs. Greshin’s sixth grade Ecology class extracted honey from Walker’s apiary with the help of Walker’s parent and professional beekeeper Gilman Mucaj P’21. The students learned how an extractor works through centrifugal force and hand cranked the machine themselves. Their reward for their hard work was a taste of the honey right from the honeycomb and a jar of honey to take home.

Walker’s apiary began as a proposal in 2013 by Environmental Science students concerned about the damaging effects colony collapse disorder has on the global bee population and agriculture at large. Students in the sixth grade Ecology class were the apiary’s first visitors in 2014, and the apiary is incorporated into several aspects of Walker’s curriculum.