Walker’s Celebrates Eighth Grade Promotion

Kayce Campurciani ’24
President of The Ethel Walker Middle School

On Friday, June 5, the community gathered virtually to celebrate the promotion of the eighth grade class of The Ethel Walker Middle School. In her opening remarks, Head of School Dr. Meera Viswanathan commented on the video recording which featured her and other presenters in the school’s nondenominational chapel, “Typically this ceremony would take place here in our chapel, that space that bears witness to our regular gatherings every week throughout the year, but our coming together here today is special, virtual, but no less real or meaningful in that it celebrates the progress and promotion of our flourishing Eighth Grade students as they embark upon their next educational sojourn.”

She continued, “The Middle School years from sixth through eighth are perhaps the most dynamic phase of education for most of us. Extraordinary changes take place — physically, mentally and socially. We begin to understand, not who we were or who we will be, but who we’re becoming.”

Head of the Middle School Isabel Ceballos delivered “A Letter to the Eighth Grade Class” in which she shared, “This eighth-grade class is very special to me because it’s the first group of middle school leaders I get to promote!” Ms. Ceballos was named head of the Middle School in August 2019. “Eighth grade, you have been through a lot together. They say Middle School years are not ones to be faced alone, and if there’s anything you all have shown me it’s how important true friendships really are. True friendships welcome you with open arms. They will wear tutus and face paint with you on important spirit days. They will give you room to be your unapologetic self.” She urged the eighth graders to take on new challenges and set new goals for themselves, “You are ready. You are ready to take on Upper School. You have all the skills, the drive, and the courage you need. And if you ever need a reminder, I will always have your back, even if it’s to nudge you forward.” She closed by saying, “Thank you, eighth grade for leaving an imprint in all of our hearts.”

Kayce Campurciani ’24, president of the Middle School, also delivered remarks to the class. In them, she honored each member of the eighth grade with personal thoughts and she shared advice for her classmates as well as the sixth and seventh graders. “The piece of advice I want to leave you all with is, ‘When you quit, you fail.’ Things will get really hard in life but don’t give up. I know things can get hard at times but just keep pushing through. All of you are strong, smart young ladies and can get through anything.” Kayce also shared her gratitude for her time in Walker’s Middle School. “Some of you may have noticed how I said ‘I’m so thankful for…’ or ‘I’m so grateful for…’ a lot in this speech. That’s because Ethel Walker has provided me all of these friendships and memories not many people have at our age. I’m so grateful that I have all these friendships and memories. I am not only thankful for the friendships. I’m thankful for all of the teachers who have made an impact not only on me but on our whole student body.”

In addition to remarks, comments about each student were shared by her advisor along with the awarding of awards for citizenship and academic achievement. The event closed with a slideshow of photos featuring members of the eighth grade class.

“All of you Eighth Graders have shown remarkable growth in your time here — your voices have emerged, your talents have shone and most of all, you have learned self-reflection and the ability to connect with others. This is at the heart of real leadership. The legacy you are leaving here in the form of accomplishments, new traditions and ensuring the undeniable centrality of the Middle School is indelible.”
Dr. Meera Viswanathan, Head of School, The Ethel Walker School

Citizenship Award: Kayce Campurciani ’24
Gwen Couch Award: Molly Thacker ’24
Seventh Grade Academic Achievement Award: Nellie Kenney ’25
Eighth Grade Academic Achievement Award: Molly Thacker ’24

Eighth graders promoted into the Upper School include:
Abigail Argazzi
Shea Braceland
Kayce Campurciani
Meadow Campurciani
Catherine Chapel
Evelyn Dixon
Maya Dolphin
Alexis Donshik
Chloe Fares
Lilia Gooch
Nya Hudson
Paris Levy
Justine Murray
Emily Ness
Alexis Pancavage
Grace Sappington
Savannah Smith
Molly Thacker
Isabela Vega