Walker’s Hosts CAIS Commission on Diversity in Independent Schools

CODIS Commission Members

On Wednesday, Walker’s hosted members of the Connecticut Association of Independent Schools (CAIS) Commission on Diversity in Independent Schools (CODIS), an educators network focused on diversity, as well as training and resources for diversity practitioners at CAIS member schools. Walker’s Assistant Head of School for Student Life/Director of Social Justice and Inclusion Elisa Del Valle is the current chair of CODIS.

The commissioners gathered for their annual retreat and began to plan a dynamic year of programming for educators across Connecticut. “CODIS has been a commission rooted in inspiring, connecting, and supporting educators since it began in 2001,” says Elisa. “I am grateful to have such dedicated commissioners, committed Connecticut independent schools, and CODIS’ CAIS liaison and new Director of Equity and Professional Development, Joan Edwards. Great work lies ahead for CODIS and CAIS.”

CODIS Commission Members

Chair: Elisa Del Valle (The Ethel Walker School)
Vice-Chair: Jacqueline Nelson (St. Luke’s School)

LaDarius Drew (Frederick Gunn School)
Shantel Hanniford (Indian Mountain School)
Susan Martell Jenkin (Miss Porter’s School)
Kojo Clarke (New Canaan Country School)
Rebecca Flores Harper (Hopkins School)
Jillian Forgue (Pomfret School)
Dr. Rachel Myers (Choate Rosemary Hall)
Mary Taylor-Lewis (Westover School)
Joan Edwards (CAIS Liaison)