BLOG: Habitat for Humanity Trip 2024

Habitat for Humanity Trip 2024

Walker’s is back in Seguin, Texas with Guadalupe Valley Habitat for Humanity! Each year, a group of our students spends spring break building affordable homes for deserving families in the area. Check back each day for quick updates about their trip!

Habitat for Humanity Trip 2024

Day 7

Today was our last work day. We finished painting doors, roofing the shed, and the seniors nailed the house numbers to the porch. The Zonta Club of Seguin brought sandwiches, chips, and desserts for lunch! After this half of the group went to the local amusement park, ZDT. Following this we enjoyed a tasty pasta bar and some ice cream from the Tipsy Cow.

—Amanda and Catherine

Habitat for Humanity Trip 2024

Day 6

Today was a very creative day! In the morning, we headed over to work for our third day at Guadalupe Valley and split up into different jobs. We worked on painting the newly built shed and roofing, and most worked on the second coat of the outer house paint. It was hard, but we got it done!

At the church we relaxed and decided what our adventure would be for the evening. After playing a game of Ninja, we decided it would be appropriate to hit the theaters and watch Kung Fu Panda 4. We really loved it. 

For dinner, Ava and I opened up a restaurant named Pepperoni’s and served special pizzas and M&M brownies, as well as celebrated Maddie’s early birthday with the birthday song. 

—Ava and Paula

Habitat for Humanity Trip 2024

Day 5

Today was a very fun day! We worked on finishing up the outside by painting and caulking around the house. It was sunny outside so it was good day for the paint to dry fast. After work we had lunch. The menu was chicken sandwiches or burgers with french fries. During lunch a dog next door walked toward us and we also met its cute puppies! They were very small and adorable. After working, we headed to Gruene, Texas to have Mexican-style dinner and go to the dance hall! To end off the day, we went and got some delicious ice cream at a local ice cream shop.

—Ayesha and Lily

Day 4

Habitat for Humanity Trip 2024

Today was a chill day. In the morning, Amanda, Catherine, Molly, and Maddie made us a delicious breakfast including pancakes, bacon, and eggs. After breakfast, we went tubing. The weather was really sunny and warm. We floated on the river for about two hours. It is really relaxing to just enjoy the beautiful nature around.

When we got back from tubing, we rested for a while and went to Goodwill and Dutch Bros Coffee. Dinner was delicious hibachi made by Ella and Molly!

—Cecilia and Makayla

Day 3

Today was our first tourist day, and we first went to the Natural Bridge Caverns. We did a guided tour through the caves and had a picnic lunch right after. We then drove to San Antonio where we did a riverboat tour, walked around, and went to a historic market. We went back to the church and played some basketball, soccer, and football, and we ended the day by going to Dairy Queen!

—Amanda and Catherine

Day 2

Today was our first work day. We did a lot of painting, cabinet building/installing, and caulking. After a fun day of work we took a trip to Buc-ee’s and got to see the life-size Buc-ee! After we enjoyed a delicious dinner of poke bowls and played a fun game! 

—Ella and Molly

Habitat for Humanity Trip 2024

Day 1

Today we had a travel day with two flights to get to Texas. First we flew to Chicago and then our flight’s gate got changed very suddenly. We had a connection and it was smooth sailing for the next flight. When we landed, we got our rental cars then got Whataburger. Our last stop was Walmart, then we headed to the church for dinner and some sleep as we have to wake up bright and early tomorrow to head to the worksite.

—Cathy and Maddie