“Mind the Gap” Takes On New Meaning During Lacuna

Lacuna 2023

ASL: The Silent Language

The Ethel Walker School was thrilled to host its annual Lacuna Week, a unique opportunity for students to “mind the gap” in their school year. During this special week, students had the chance to immerse themselves in a variety of subjects and experiences that were outside the traditional academic program, including Noodle Making, Exploring Archaeology, What’s Love About?, Art Restoration, Game Design, Sports Psychology, Crocheting, Knitting, Embroidery, and more.

This year, 30 seniors who had achieved mastery in a self-selected skill partnered with 26 faculty members to share their newfound expertise with the rest of the school through 21 course offerings. In addition, 16 faculty members led students in exciting new experiences.

Walker’s Lacuna program offers a chance for students to broaden their capabilities, build resilience and confidence, and gain a new perspective on learning. It is an opportunity to “mind the gap” in a different way by exploring and discovering new interests and skills outside of the typical school curriculum.

This innovative educational experience provides students with many new discoveries and opportunities that they can carry forward throughout their time at Walker’s and beyond.

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