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Knowledge will always be important, but what you do with that knowledge is even more important. Walker's high academic standards stretch students to the place where they are motivated to direct their own learning. Our faculty will guide you as you develop essential skills to meet challenges and opportunities today – and in the future – in whatever areas of interest you choose to pursue. View Departments

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Inquiry-Based Learning

Antibiotic resistance

At Walker's, student learn by doing. Students pose and present questions in their quest to master content. Through unique courses like Honors Biochemistry and Visiting Writer Seminar, students conduct real-world research in antibiotic resistance and they participate in master classes with living writers. The effect of their experiences is immediate and lasting: Walker's girls become the intellectual leaders and stewards of their own education.

Design Thinking

Design thinking

Through an iterative approach to innovation and creative problem solving, our students learn to design real-world solutions. Faculty and students work collaboratively on teams in courses such as STEM and Engineering, and “think outside the box” to solve problems and create new ideas. Girls are equipped with the tools to flourish as joyful thinkers and hands-on doers so that they can design their own path to lifelong learning.

One to One. One to World.

At Walker’s, our 7:1 student-to-faculty ratio allows us to focus on each student’s educational experience while preparing her to be an active global citizen. Through technology, classroom and field work, and international travel, our girls gain a global perspective while learning and living in a diverse community.