Uniquely Walker's

Knowledge will always be important, but what you do with that knowledge is even more important. Walker's high academic standards stretch students to the place where they are motivated to direct their own learning. Our faculty will guide you as you develop essential skills to meet challenges and opportunities today – and in the future – in whatever areas of interest you choose to pursue. View Course Offerings

Inquiry-Based Learning

At Walker's, student learn by doing. Students pose and present questions in addition to their quest to master content.

Design Thinking

Through an iterative approach to innovation and creative problem solving, our students learn to design real-world solutions.

One to One. One to World.

Our students become better global citizens through the use of technology and the doors it opens. Our girls also participate in exchange programs, language studies, and travel opportunities. They are exposed to international perspectives by learning and living in a diverse community.

As a Walker's student, you will graduate well prepared for college and life. See where our recent graduates are attending college.