College Counseling

College Counseling

A Personalized Journey

Our small school size means our Director of College Counseling and College Counselor get to know you on a personal level. You will receive focused direction and support throughout the entire college search and application process.

We help you identify and apply to schools that are well-suited to your abilities and interests. While you will determine the schools and programs to which you want to apply, we're here to provide guidance, answer questions and alleviate any concerns. As your partners throughout the process, we will advocate for you and serve as your liaisons to the colleges of your choice.


Our four-year college counseling curriculum begins in 9th grade with students exploring academic interests and extracurricular activities. In 10th grade, students will take the PSAT for standardized test practice, meet with college counselors to discuss course selections and summer programs, and for athletes interested in playing at the college level, learn about NCAA requirements.

The formal college process begins during the winter of your junior year and continues through senior year. Highlights include a weekly College Seminar class, attendance at a college fair, and individual meeting opportunities with 100+ top colleges.

Full Timeline

Moving Beyond APs

In the fall of 2014, Walker’s moved beyond the College Board AP to make room for advanced-level courses that are equally, if not more, academically challenging. Students and teachers have the freedom to delve more deeply into subject matter without the time and curricular constraints of APs.


  • Equally rigorous and more engaging classes
  • Accessible to more students (AP recommendations are only given to students who can read fast and test well, not necessarily those who are curious, creative, or who collaborate and present well)
  • Better prepare students for college success because of the skill sets students will develop

English Speaking Union

Walker's is one of a select group of independent schools who are part of the English Speaking Union Secondary School Exchange gap year program. If accepted, students receive a tuition, room and board scholarship for a full year at a participating British boarding school following their graduation from Walker's. In the last six years, seven Walker's students have been selected to participate.