Deborah Verry ’29

Deborah Verry '29 Athletics Hall of Fame

Deborah Verry ’29

Tennis, Skiing, Hockey, Track


A graduate of the Class of 1929 and a Dial, Deborah “Deb” Verry made her impact athletically both in club competition as well as interscholastic games, and was a true leader who encouraged everyone around her. Her yearbook page states that, “Again and again, she drew out the best in individuals and sent them ahead, inspired by her example, to undreamed-of accomplishments. She found the best in herself and never failed to pass it on, so that the remembrance of Deb, whether wrestling with Cicero translation or throwing the basketball, will be legendary in the School.” Deb served on the Athletic Board in 1928 and 1929 and was the Secretary of the Board in her second year. She competed for the Dials in tennis, skiing, ice hockey, track, and basketball. She was the captain of the Dials in tennis, skiing, ice hockey, and track. Deb also played Varsity hockey, track (captain) and tennis while at Walker’s. At graduation, she was awarded the Emily Cluett Prize for Courage and Fortitude.

After Walker’s, Deb’s athleticism won her notable success in golf, coming in second in the Women’s North-South Golf Tournament in 1934, and winning the event in 1936. Deb later won the Women’s Massachusetts Amateur Golf Championship in 1937. She became President of both the Women’s Eastern Golf Association and the Women’s Golf Association of Massachusetts. Outside of athletics, Deb became a major in the Massachusetts Women’s Defense Corps, and in 1942 joined the Waves as an apprentice seawoman, notably the first of the women’s golf champions to sign with the armed forces.