Marlo M. ’25

Marlo M. 25

Soccer, Lacrosse


Avon, CT

What other clubs or organizations are you a part of?

African Drumming, Mental Health Club, Nor’easter Lacrosse

Why do you think it’s important for young women to hold leadership roles?

I think it’s important for young women to hold leadership roles because in many cases it can be difficult to gain those positions as a woman in the real world and workplace. To be offered that chance as a young person gives you the experience of responsibility and accountability. It prepares one to have the confidence to hold other leadership positions in the future.

What do you hope other students at Walker’s take away from your leadership on EWAC?

I hope that I, along with the rest of the Council, can find any way to make the athletic season at least a little bit more enjoyable for every student. I hope that people will feel excited that they get to perform in a sport with a team, rather than obligated to for a credit. I also hope that EWAC can work to eliminate negative mindsets that sometimes can be adopted by the teams at Walker’s.

What is one fun fact about you that may surprise people?

I have been swimming with a group of sharks before!