Allie Harris ’13

Allie Harris '13

Advancement Communications Coordinator



B.A., College of the Holy Cross

Allie Harris ’13 assists the Advancement office by supporting and growing technology and donor recognition programs. She graduated cum laude from the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester in 2017 where she majored in English Literature and wrote for print magazines and social media. She won awards for her work including team MPVP in 2018 for managing business deals at Prolific 1. At Walker’s, Allie was head of day students and head of Cicerones as well as a member of the Varsity Equestrian Team.

What was it about The Ethel Walker School that made you want to work here?

After I graduated from Walker’s in 2013, I really never left. I spent my college breaks and summers at the barn, and once I graduated and moved back to Connecticut I found myself spending more and more time at Walker’s. This school is such a special place with an absolutely fantastic community – I knew my dream would be to give back to the school that gave me so much.

Who is your biggest female role model?

Definitely my mom. She has always given me the best advice and consistently helps me solve my problems. She rises to face any challenge, whether she is comfortable or not. She constantly gives to the people in her life and always goes above and beyond. She dedicates herself to her work and her students and acts as a pillar of support. She inspires me to do better and work harder!

What was your favorite subject when you were a student at Walker’s?

English! My English classes were among my favorite at Walker’s. We acted out plays, took part in a Shakespeare festival, and they were so advanced I ended up rereading a lot of the books for my college English classes. Our teachers gave everyone confidence to read aloud and take risks in our writing. I felt more than prepared when I went to college and I give all the credit to my teachers at Walker’s.

What is your favorite Walker’s tradition?

I love the holiday ride. I was always unbelievably nervous to participate, but the entire team felt so accomplished when it was over. The preparation was intense and I am not sure if we ever felt ready until we went out and performed! It was so beautiful to ride in the ring with the lights glowing and the bells ringing. After I graduated, I made a point to attend every ride to support the team!

If you were to give advice to an incoming Walker’s student, what would it be?

Broaden your horizons. This mantra changed my life at Walker’s. I did things I was scared of, became lifelong friends with my classmates, and took classes that challenged me. Take risks and experiment, maybe play a new sport or try a new class: this is the time to find yourself and decide what you enjoy.

What advice would you give to a graduating Walker’s senior?

You will always have Walker’s. We will always be here, so enjoy your college experience and visit often! Be the best example of a Walker’s graduate you can be – be kind, conscientious, and bold. You are more than prepared to face any challenges.

What is your favorite to do in your free time?

I love going to the barn to ride horses! During my time at Walker’s I spent almost every afternoon and weekend in the barn, and would work at the Summer Riding Experience every summer! That really has not changed – I still try to spend some nights and weekends riding and helping in the barn wherever I can. My office is just about ten steps from the barn so when I am done with work I can walk over and go for a ride!

What is the most rewarding part about working at Walker’s?

I love being able to interact with everyone on campus. From lunches in Abra’s, IEA horse shows on the weekends, and sports games, I have been able to immerse myself in the community. I love seeing Walker’s girls succeed in every endeavor. My time at Walker’s does not just encompass the duties of my job, but much more!