Academic Support

You are encouraged to take ownership of your academic growth and become a strong self-advocate in order to realize your full potential. You'll develop strong working relationships with your teachers, and contribute effectively to the learning environment of your classes. We're here to provide whatever support you need.

Academic Support Services

Academic Support Center

In the Academic Support Center, you can improve your academic performance through time management, organizational skills, study skills, and test taking strategies. Individualized and small group academic counseling will help you learn to become an active partner and strong self-advocate in your learning.

Writing Center

Come to the Writing Center, where your peers will provide targeted support for writing skills such as organization of ideas, grammar, and citations. The Dean of Digital and Library Services and a member of the English department oversee the selection and training of peer writing coaches. The Writing Center is located in the Bell Library.

Peer Tutoring

Peer tutors are students who have been recommended by the faculty who offer one-on-one tutoring to fellow students in subject areas such as math, science, and World Languages. The Academic Support Coordinator oversees the selection and training of peer tutors.

Professional Tutoring

Professional tutoring is available on campus during the academic day and during study hall. All tutoring is coordinated through the Academic Support Center with careful attention to students' academic and athletic schedules. We work with a few carefully selected professional tutors with proven experience supporting Walker's students and achieving their goals.

Extra Help

Your teachers are always available and eager to meet with you for extra help. You will be supported in initiating, attending and preparing properly for these appointments.

Academic Support

We are a small school, so your teachers will get to know you - in the classroom, on the athletic fields, on the stage or in the music room, and in the dorms, if you’re a boarder. This individual attention from them, as well as from your advisor, helps to ensure that you are thriving academically and in all aspects of your life at Walker’s. In addition, you’ll receive community support from faculty and friends.

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