Allison H. ’25

Allison H. '25

Soccer, Basketball, Lacrosse


Burlington, CT

What other clubs or organizations are you a part of?

African Drumming, Orchestra, Special Olympics Basketball, Cicerone, FSA Club Soccer

Why do you think it’s important for young women to hold leadership roles?

I believe that it is important for young women to hold leadership roles because it gives a different perspective that allows change to be made for everyone. In addition, having a leadership role helps young women develop necessary skills that we can use later in life.

What do you hope other students at Walker’s take away from your leadership on EWAC?

I hope that the other members on EWAC and I can help to make athletics fun and emphasize how important they are to us individually and as a school. I also hope to set an example for younger members of our community to involve themselves in all of the opportunities and leadership roles offered at Walker’s.

What is your favorite sports team?

UConn Women’s Basketball, U.S. Women’s National Team

What is one fun fact about you that may surprise people?

I was a certified soccer referee.