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Communication, creativity, and collaboration are fundamental to the arts.

Through the arts, you will learn to take creative risks, push beyond perceived boundaries, and discover new ways of expressing yourself and engaging with the community.

Joyce Liu '16

Are the arts your passion? If so, you may pursue an arts concentration instead of participating in seasonal sports by taking dance, or a combination of theater and dance, for all three seasons.

Our highly qualified and trained arts faculty are active in their respective disciplines, keeping our programs fresh and relevant. No matter your area of interest or level of experience, you have the opportunity to work privately with teachers.

The arts provide numerous opportunities to develop your leadership skills. Whether you choreograph dance performances for your peers, serve as a head of Dance Workshop or one of our many musical groups, or serve as a Teaching Assistant in a Visual Arts class, you can grow as a leader as well as an artist. Other leadership opportunities include helping to organize Dance Club Chapel and becoming a head of technical theater.

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