Averi R. ’24

Averi R.

Averi R. '24

Westerville, OH


Boarding Student

Involvement: Equestrian Team, Black Student Union, LASO

“I started my Walker’s journey my freshman year. I think that being a Cicerone is important because it allows incoming students to feel welcomed and like they are a part of the community as soon as they step on campus. My goal is to show prospective families how great of a school Walker’s is and allow them to see that they would be an excellent addition to the community. My hope is that all new students that I get to meet while being a Cicerone feel like Walker’s is as much of their home as it is mine!”

What is your favorite part about being a boarder?

My favorite part about being a boarding student is definitely being able to see and interact with everyone in the community more. When you live in the same building as your teachers, classmates, and coaches, you develop incredible bonds and it becomes your second home. When I first came to Walker’s I was a little unsure about how it was going to be living hundreds of miles away from home, but being in the dorms with your friends all the time takes away that discomfort and fills it with an unexplainable amount of love.

What advice would you give an incoming Walker’s student?

There are so many things I wish I would’ve known before coming (like to not pack ALL of your clothes!) but I think the most important thing is to be as open as you can. When you’re coming to a new school, it’s really easy to just stay closed off and not join any clubs or try new things, but what I’ve learned is that it is imperative to try new things at Walker’s. I have had so many opportunities that have come my way since being at Walker’s and if I hadn’t taken them, I wouldn’t have made some of my best friendships or been able to experience as many things. So, when you get to campus, don’t be afraid to join a club or try a new sport because everyone will have your back and you never know what might come out of it.

How do you feel you have grown (academically, emotionally, mentally) since your first day at Walker’s?

I have grown so much since my first day at Walker’s. Coming from a very big public school it was easy for me to be closed off and not try and reach my full academic potential. Since coming to Walker’s, I have been challenged academically in the classroom and physically in sports in ways that have shaped me tremendously. I’ve gone from never wanting to share my ideas to jumping at the opportunity every time and this behavior encouraged and celebrated in the community.