Justine M. ’24

Justine M. '24

Justine M. '24

Hartford, CT


Boarding Student

Involvement: Riding, Basketball

“My name is Justine and I joined the Walker’s community in 8th grade. I went on many tours while I was looking for a new school, and the Cicerone program made the tour at Walker’s less nerve-racking. By hearing students talk about each space in their own words, you get a more real sense of what life at Walker’s will be like.”

What is your favorite part about being a boarder?

My favorite part about being a boarding student is the strong bonds you form. Living with all your friends in the same building makes you so much closer. You get to try new foods and activities together.

What advice would you give an incoming Walker’s student?

My advice for incoming students is to try everything. There are so many opportunities at Walker’s and you don’t want to leave with regrets. Take advantage of everything Walker’s has to offer. Take an extra class or try a new sport.

How do you think Walker’s has prepared you for your future?

Walker’s has prepared me for my future by teaching me how to communicate with people. Through the Walker’s community, I have learned how to share my ideas in a productive way and how to make mistakes and be okay with that.